More on religion

A half an hour after I published my comments on religion’s effect on society yesterday, a new post from Sydera on the World of Matticus blog showed up in my RSS reader.

Maybe gnomes cherish small household gods that are closely associated with the family, like the Roman Larës.

Maybe gnomes get their best ideas while they’re meditating on the nature of life–or mechanical parts–for half an hour a day.

Maybe the gnomes hide their religion from the Big People in order to head off discrimination.

I bet Blizzard knows this, or could use that Big Book to come up with a logical answer.

WoW is arguably not a very fertile immersion ground as any high concept world will choose gameplay over immersion with extreme prejudice. This post does tell us something important however. Roleplayers want deep lore; not just some introduction story about gods and heroes that nobody ever reads. Since religion defines society (and not just for the clergy), the in-game religion is one of the best mechanisms for doing this.

As long as you don’t catch Greek god syndrome or make your polytheistic pantheon into a collection of de-facto monotheistic religions.


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I’m a 38 year old American who has lived the past 9 years in Germany and India.
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