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Metagaming and Levels

A thread on the forums of an NWN1 PW reminded me of another of the evils of levels. They force metagaming in supposedly immersive roleplay environments. Let’s take the humble gate guard and his role in the world. He is … Continue reading

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There are certain things that I’ve done and that I’ve seen done that can contribute to a world imploding during development. As I’d mentioned in earlier installments of the Etilica postmortem and as Phil had also mentioned in the comments, … Continue reading

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What defines a successful world?

Obviously, there is the commercial definition: one that pays for its own development in a reasonable amount of time and costs less to operate than it takes in as revenue. I’ll ignore WoW here, but many of the older commercial … Continue reading

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Action Oriented Progression – Part II

Since Brian Green will likely finish his levels theme with his own proposal soon and D^t already has presented his own ideas on the theme, I thought I’d drop in my own proposal. As I alluded in part I, the … Continue reading

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Role Playing and Ill Mental Health

There was an article on Ars Tenchnia the other day regarding a colloquium given by Dmitri Williams of USC using data provided by SoE on its Everquest 2 servers. Buried about two thirds of the way down was the following … Continue reading

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Action Oriented Progression – Part I

What makes one swordsman better than another? Many years ago, I was in the Society for Creative Anachronism. There, I knew a man who was probably in his late 30’s or early 40’s at the time. He was of average … Continue reading

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I was going to post on another subject, but then Brian Green asked what we thought of levels. I have strong opinons. They have their place as a measure of troop effectiveness in the tabletop miniatures wargaming origins of D&D … Continue reading

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