About Dave (Cayle) Stocker

Dave It all began in the dark ages of 1982. An 11 year old boy got the Dungeons and Dragon red box Basic Set from his parents for Christmas that year. In no time, he became a hard core RGP junkie and discovered a designer streak; designing rulesets for sci-fi space opera and post-apocalyptic style RPGs. He wrote an entirely new combat system for Twilight 2000 that tended to kill or maim everybody in the encounter in short order. Players loved it despite going through three characters a night and one once told him, “playing Twilight with you was why I never joined the Army”.

He also got into designing modules and settings. In the beginning, they were mostly inspired by other D&D modules and in the mid 80’s he found himself very clever and imaginative for creating a good aligned Drow NPC. This was before Salvatore’s books, but nevertheless; so naive he was…

He missed the MUD scene entirely, being busy with undergraduate and graduate studies.

Twenty years after his first encounter with D&D, be bought a copy of Neverwinter Nights (NWN). He quickly got into world building, dusting off his old D&D setting and building a mod for weekly sessions. Then he tried out a roleplay persistent world (PW) called Mythos and was instantly hooked. He quickly transferred his world building and scripting skills to PWs and never looked back. Just as quickly, he started discovering all the different ways that the mechanics of typical roleplay oriented PWs actually worked against immersion and RP. With NWN2 on the horizon, he started using his NWN experience to design a new world.

Shortly before the release of NWN2, he decided that it would not be suitable for the kind of world he was planning. So he left the NWN PW scene and headed into the great unknown. Since then, he has been working on designing a ruleset design framework that would allow him to build that world.


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