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Real Players, IC aliases

My post last week on pseudonymity discussed some of the benefits to immersion that pseudonymity brings, as well as some of the problems for online communities that pseudonymity creates. How might we be able to have the best of both … Continue reading

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The cost of pseudonymity

Nearly every roleplay environment that I’ve ever seen is Pseudonymous; meaning that the players use pseudonyms and are essentially anonymous. Anonymity can be liberating. Some players regularly create alternate player accounts to avoid metagaming by other players. It is often … Continue reading

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Names and Aliases – The Diagrams

Yesterday, I laid out a high leevel overview of a simplified way of tackling disguises and name aliases. Now following the flowchart in yesterday’s post, we’ll build up our Memotica diagram: 1 – The facial recognition part needs to be … Continue reading

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Names and Aliases

The forum poster topozan started a thread on the MMOPRGmaker.com the other day that made me think. The issue was about hard coded character names; the floaty names above characters’ heads that are nearly ubiquitous. This is often the source … Continue reading

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