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Is it possible to not be evil?

PT made an interesting comment on my „On Playing Evil” post; one that deserves it’s own discussion: There’s also the VERY fantasy-centric idea that opposing evil by any means is inherently good. Literature and film are bloated with examples of … Continue reading

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The HSM (Heroes, not Serial Martyrs) Manifesto

(I’ve been thinking of refinements to the Heroes, not Serial Martyrs (HSM) concept and how to best present the concept in a single article. I promise afterwards to stop beating this dead horse for now and write about other topics) … Continue reading

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Heroes, not Serial Martyrs

Some time ago, I wrote a post on permadeath. That a lack of permadeath removes death (as well as the fear of death and death’s consequences) as a narrative device is not in dispute. The real problem is how to … Continue reading

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