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Names and Aliases – The Diagrams

Yesterday, I laid out a high leevel overview of a simplified way of tackling disguises and name aliases. Now following the flowchart in yesterday’s post, we’ll build up our Memotica diagram: 1 – The facial recognition part needs to be … Continue reading

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Names and Aliases

The forum poster topozan started a thread on the MMOPRGmaker.com the other day that made me think. The issue was about hard coded character names; the floaty names above characters’ heads that are nearly ubiquitous. This is often the source … Continue reading

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It is never just a game

I keep track of several roleplay PWs on various platforms. One of them is Arelith, an NWN1 world. I highly respect the team that built and maintains the world. Their world is a mod of a seven year old game … Continue reading

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Metagaming and Levels

A thread on the forums of an NWN1 PW reminded me of another of the evils of levels. They force metagaming in supposedly immersive roleplay environments. Let’s take the humble gate guard and his role in the world. He is … Continue reading

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